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  1. Silicone negative pressure drainage ball
  2. Silicone negative pressure drainage ball
  3. Silicone negative pressure drainage ball
  4. Silicone negative pressure drainage ball
  5. Silicone negative pressure drainage ball

Silicone negative pressure drainage ball

  • Model Number:JE-007-6

    Place of Origin: ChinaBrand Name: OEMDisinfecting Type: EOSProperties: Medical Materials & Accessories, Medical Polymer Materials & ProductsStock: YesShelf Life: 3 year

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Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: OEM

Disinfecting Type: EOS

Properties: Medical Materials & Accessories, Medical Polymer Materials & Products

Stock: Yes

Shelf Life: 3 years

Material: PVC, Medical grade silicone

Quality Certification: CE

Instrument classification: Class II

Safety standard: None

Sample: free for sample

Sterilization: EO

Silicone negative pressure drainage ball:

Negative pressure drainage ball is mainly composed of drainage ball, discharge pipe (optional), hanging bolt, inner tooth cover, outer tooth cover, silicone one-way valve, hole plug ring, hanging clip (optional), Robert clip (optional) and Luer connector (optional) is composed. An extracorporeal container connected to a drainage catheter inserted into the body, drains under negative pressure, and has no specific control over drainage rate and pressure. Electric negative pressure source is not included.

Silicone negative pressure drainage ball performance:

1. Good biocompatibility, the attracting ball itself has a precise scale, which is convenient for observing the quality and quantity of drainage fluid;

2. High transparency, good resilience, corrosion resistance, weak acid and weak alkali resistance;

3. High pressure resistance, anti-aging, oxidation resistance, non-toxic and non-irritating, safe and environmentally friendly;

4. The disposable suction connection tube is made of medical polymer silicone material, which is safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless and non-irritating

5. The mouth of the tube is soft and non-irritating, which can reduce the pressure on the wound. Three different structures are integrally formed, which has excellent kink resistance. There are four broken in the body, and the fully open drainage groove can drain any point in the body.

Silicone negative pressure drainage ball application:

Used in operating room, general surgery, neurosurgery, gynecology, anorectal, urology, etc. to draw out and collect body fluids.

Instructions for use of silicone negative pressure drainage ball:

1. Check the package to see if there is any damage or abnormal state, and open the package to check whether the inside of the package is in good condition.

2. Connect the drainage tube to the drainage port of the negative pressure drainage device firmly, and fix the hanging bolt in a suitable position.

3. When performing negative pressure drainage, close the Robert clip, open the hole plug ring, and squeeze the bottle body hard. After the bottle body is squeezed, cover the hole plug ring, and the liquid enters the bottle body through the one-way valve of the drainage port;

4. When the liquid in the bottle is about to reach the marked scale, the A1/A2 product should replace the negative pressure drain, and the B1/B2 product can record the liquid volume and then open the Robert clip to discharge the waste liquid in the sphere.

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