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Medical Silicone Balloon

  • Model Number:JE-003-7

Place of Origin: ChinaBrand Name: OEMDisinfecting Type: EOSProperties: Medical Materials & Accessories, Medical Polymer Materials & ProductsStock: YesShelf Life: 3 yearsMaterial: PVC, Medical

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Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: OEM

Disinfecting Type: EOS

Properties: Medical Materials & Accessories, Medical Polymer Materials & Products

Stock: Yes

Shelf Life: 3 years

Material: PVC, Medical grade silicone

Quality Certification: CE

Instrument classification: Class II

Safety standard: None

Sample: free for sample

Sterilization: EO

Medical silicone balloon:

The silicone balloon exerts an expansion force on the vessel wall or stent during the expansion process, and the part that actually functions during the operation is called the working section, and the tube sections at both ends are used to connect with the rest of the catheter.

Medical silicone balloon features:

1. Excellent transparency, excellent tensile strength and tear strength.

2. Excellent extrusion processability and no foaming.

3. Excellent resilience, excellent thermal stability and weather resistance.

4. Good biocompatibility, anti-yellowing, heat-resistant aging.

Application of medical silicone balloon:

Medical silicone balloons are widely used in medical devices.

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