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lacrimal drainage tube

  • Model Number:JE-008

Place of Origin: ChinaBrand Name: OEMDisinfecting Type: EOSProperties: Medical Materials & Accessories, Medical Polymer Materials & ProductsSize: allStock: YesShelf Life: 3 yearsMaterial: PVC,

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Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: OEM

Disinfecting Type: EOS

Properties: Medical Materials & Accessories, Medical Polymer Materials & Products

Size: all

Stock: Yes

Shelf Life: 3 years

Material: PVC, Medical grade silicone

Quality Certification: CE

Instrument classification: Class II

Safety standard: None

Sample: free for sample

Remark: size and length can be customized

Sterilization: EO

Lacrimal Drainage Tube:

The lacrimal duct silicone drainage tube can promote the natural healing of the broken lacrimal canaliculus, reduce cracks, and can be used as a support in the anastomosis for a long time.

When anastomosis is performed on fractured patients, silicone drainage tubes are widely used due to their stable performance and good cosmetic effects.

Lacrimal drainage tube performance:

1. Made of high-quality silicone raw materials, good biocompatibility, non-toxic, tasteless and non-irritating, safe and environmentally friendly;

2. Corrosion resistance, weak acid and weak alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance;

3. Soft, good toughness, kink resistance, no deformation after bending;

4. It can be equipped with a developing line, and the size and specifications can be customized;

Scope of application of lacrimal drainage tube:

It is suitable for chronic dacryocystitis; lacrimal duct stenosis and obstruction; lacrimal duct stenosis and obstruction;

Dacryocystorhinostomy with nasal cavity

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