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Closed wound drainage systems(1)

2021-09-08 10:07:03 JE Read


 closed wound drainage systems are single use sterile products.The closed wound drainage system consists of an internal drain and a bulb shaped fluid collection reservoir.The drain is either perforated,channeled,or ducted in nature and is manufactured to be radio-opaque.The wound drain is surgically placed into the surgical wound site using a Trocar. Exudate is collected through a wound drain into a fluid collection reservoir.



The drains are commonly used post-operatively for collecting bodily fluids from surgical sites.



1. Drains.Trocars,and reservoir are for single use only and should be discarded after use.


2. Drains or drain tubing should not be handled with any instruments.Sharp objects can lead to tearing or wakening and breakage of the drain.

3. Do not use if package has been opened or if the seal has been compromised.

4. In order to allow for easy removal;the drain and tubing should not be curled,stretched or  sutured into place.Drains should be placed and removed with care avoiding fast movements applying slow and steady pressure.

5. Utilize sterile technique when making drain connections.

6. The product can be used with medical grade adhesive tape.

7. During drain placement,take care to not cut,tear or damage the drain as this can lead to tearing or complete breakage.

8. Careful attention should be directed to make sure the drains do not clog or become occluded when they are still in use.If occlusion occurs,suction directly to the drain itself can be administered to relieve occlusion.The reservoir bulb should not be allowed to fill completely,this can lead to increased likelihood of back-flow contamination.


9. All drainage holes,channels,or ducts must be located within the wound site creating an air tight seal to maintain vacuum.An air tight seal must be maintained to prevent the reservoir from filling with air which can increase the likelihood of backflow.

10. Do not resterilize the product.