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Competitive landscape and market share of China's medical device industry

2021-07-06 16:54:44 JE Read

China's medical device industry has not yet changed the situation of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, but under the rapid growth of the medical device market and the severe form of localization of high-end medical equipment, a number of outstanding enterprises have emerged in the industry, represented by leading enterprises such as Myriad Medical and Weigao, which have invested a lot of manpower and resources in the research and development of high-end medical devices and gradually established their own position in China's medical device industry while creating high value-added development.

The competitive factions in China's medical device industry are mainly divided into domestic brands and foreign brands, with domestic brands represented by medical devices from companies such as Myriad Medical, Stable Medical, and Inco Medical, and foreign brands represented by medical devices from companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Siemens Medical, GE, and Philips.

Due to the impact of the epidemic at the beginning of 2020 medical device companies have received great attention, although in the past the public has more or less stereotypical impressions and perceptions of domestic medical devices, but with the current development of China's medical device industry, the performance of most medical device products has reached a level similar to that of imported products.

Internet Week and eNet Institute jointly released the "2020 China Medical Device Industry Top 100 List". The list lists the technological breakthroughs made by Chinese medical device companies in the fields of DR, molecular diagnostics, snowball analysis, etc. Among them, Myriad Medical, Antu Bio, Vigor, LP Medical and Jianfan Bio are in the top five of the list.